Currently 2016 | 1/52


Knitting a Star Trek GAL while I wait for the 2016 blanket to be released this Sunday *squeal!!*
Playing Little Big Planet with Violet on the PS3. She absolutely loves it. It helps with her hand-eye coordination and gives us some playing time together when Dominique is sleeping.
Trying to get used to wearing my new FitBit Flex. I bought it with my Christmas money on New Year`s Eve and seeing how it will work out for me.IMG_5460
Cooking not so much these days. With Keith home more during the last few months, I haven`t had to cook as much.
Drinking lots of tea right now. I just stocked up on tea from Teavana and can`t wait to dive into some new teas!
Loving that Dominique is talking more (yes, no, please, thank you, mommy, daddy, nana (Violet), cookie, crackers, juice, water). There `s probably more, but that`s all I can think of right now.
Hating that I have to work New Year`s Day. Every year I`m at work, they either stick me with New Year`s Eve or New Year`s Day. Which means I also miss a family gathering….
Celebrating that Keith starts back at work on the 4th. It`s been a long 3 months with him here at home, so I`m very happy that he`s going back to work.
Starting to gear up for Geek-Along 2016. Can`t wait to see what this weeks square looks like!


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