December Daily 2015 – Day 16

It finally snowed today!! And the girls are so excited!

It had already started snowing during the night and when I went out at 4am to start my car to go to work, there was an already considerable amount on the ground. And it continued throughout the entire day.


So when I got home around 10am, Keith said he was going outside to shovel the driveway and that I should bring the girls outside. All I had to say to Violet was, “Hey Violet, want to go play in the snow?” She immediately grabbed her snow suit and got to work getting dressed. Dominique wanted to get in on it as well, so I bundled her up like a little Eskimo and we all went outside to enjoy the fresh snow.


Violet absolutely loved it. She was instantly into the deep snow and just shouting for joy. Dominique on the other hand, wasn’t quite sure what to make of the craziness that was her sister. Violet even went deep enough into a small hill that she lost her boot! I had to go retrieve her and put her on the entrance steps and then go find her boot in the snow. As soon as it was back on, off she went again, traipsing around the back yard. I swear you could hear her giggles 2 blocks away. She was that happy to be playing out in the snow.

December Daily 2015 - Day 16-1
Journal cards from Hello December 2015 Edition and digital stamp from Ali Edwards Hello Snow

I did get Dominique into the snow a bit, but she couldn’t walk in it, so she was more content to walk on the driveway and supervise Daddy shovelling.


December Daily 2015 - Day 16-2
Digital stamp from Ali Edwards Hello Snow.

I ended up making it a 2-page spread, mainly because I wanted to use the photo of the backyard (before it got played in) as one page. And it turned out pretty good.


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