December Daily 2015 – Day 11

Today’s story makes me want to cry. Seriously.

The last couple months have been a bit hard on us as a family, as Keith has been out of work since October, with no luck finding another one (although he has an interview next week, fingers crossed). We’ve been able to keep afloat by watching our money closely, but it’s still been a bit tight.

My Mom, wanting to help us out, decided to sign us up for the Community Christmas Hamper that our Church helps with. She notified me that she did, just so that I knew that they would be showing up.

Today we got our delivery. And I wanted to cry. They brought a present for each girl (I think Dominique got a Rocking Chair, not sure what Violet got as it is wrapped), and 2 big boxes of food. Lots of food. I’m guessing over $100 worth of food. It was insane. The biggest surprises in there were a 5kg Turkey, 10kg flour, 2 jugs of milk. I was floored. And so thankful. Very thankful.

You can tell I’ve got a Thankful theme for this page (obviously). The journal card is from the Fall Themed Cards, with the #thankful stamp from Ali Edwards.

What were you thankful for today?


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