Currently 47/52

My plan for my Currently series on my old blog was to do this every Friday and maybe make a digital mini-book out of it when the year was up. Needless to say, I haven’t done one for a couple months.  I’m going to attempt the same thing for next year, but in the mean time, might as well keep it going for this year.

Reading nothing new this week. I did pick up 2 books from the library the other day, but haven’t started on them.
Watching Keith play Fall Out: New Vegas. And lots of Disney Princess.
Trying to kick sugar to the curb (at least a bit)
Cooking lots of good, hearty, hot meals this week. Winter is setting in here.
Drinking lots of Earl Grey Tea (with a little sugar in it) or water.
Knitting this scarf as a Christmas present. Also have more knitting to complete for Christmas.
Doing menu planning while the girls play in the tub and looking forward to having quiet once they are in bed.
Enjoying the time I get to just sit down with a cup of tea and knit to my heart’s desire. I’m about ½ done the scarf mentioned above, and I’m hoping to get it done within the next week.
Thinking of more Christmas knitting/Crocheting to be done before Christmas is here in just over a month.
Listening to some History pod casts (Stuff You Missed in History Class) while I knit. I’ve had a love of history since I was a kid, and since I’ve found that they have history pod casts, I’m completely over the moon that I get to learn more (sometimes obscure) history. Woo!


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