Happy 18 Months Dominique!

Yeah, yeah….I’m a couple weeks behind. I know. I seriously don’t know where the time went with this little girl of mine. How in the world is she 1.5 years old already? Sheesh girl!

Any ways, as per my journalling tradition, here’s 10 things about Dominique at 18 months:IMG_3914

  1. Walking/running all over the place. She barely sits still long enough to eat meals before she wants out again.
  2. Climbing everything, including the step stool so that she can watch me make supper and bake.
  3. Loves watching Tangled (Rapunzel). Not joking. She sits down and watches the entire movie with eyes wide open.IMG_3936
  4. Eats me out of house and home! I think she piles back more food than Violet does now.
  5. Constantly babbling (with some whining in there).
  6. Curious about everything. And having to warn her about getting hurt for touching something she shouldn’t.IMG_3991
  7. Knows most body parts (ears, eyes, mouth, nose, tongue, hands, feet and belly button) and can do the sounds of 5 animals (elephant, chicken, monkey, lion, snake)
  8. Loves tickle fights with Daddy and “poking” him.
  9. Loves doing everything (and annoying) Violet.
  10. Is still a bit people shy when it comes to new people, but if it’s someone she knows, totally into them.


Love you lots Baby Girl,

Love, Mommy


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