Happy 4th Birthday Violet!

Happy Birthday my Beautiful Big Girl!

Yes, yes, I know I’m late with posting this. Violet turned 4 on October 21, and it’s been slightly crazy these past weeks. Oops.

Anyway, as per my journalling tradition, here’s 10 things about Violet right now at age 4:

1) You love to sing and dance. Especially to the end credits on movies that you love. And in the bathtub, singing to your bath toys. And to your stuffed animals. And to your little sister.You are always singing and dancing.

2) You are very helpful these days. You help clean up the living room when we have to vacuum. You fill up Pascal’s cage with shavings. You put the dry cutlery away and also try to get breakfast or lunch for you and Dominique if I’m not moving fast enough. You also love to help when I’m cooking or baking, constantly asking what I’m putting in and if you can stir it yourself.IMG_4188

3) You are in Cubbies at Awana’s on Wednesdays and you love it. You memorize your Bible verses with ease and love playing with the other kids there.

4) You still love watching My Little Pony, along with Curious George, Veggie Tales and any Princess movie, especially Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.


5) You love playing picnic time with Dominique and giving Mommy “picnic food and tea” while you play and telling me to finish it all.


6) You love playing in your Princess dress-up dresses, especially Elsa. And you’ll go everywhere dressed up and have no problems with people telling you how cute you look.

7) You love looking out for Dominique and playing with her. You play really well with her, even if she does try to take your toys away and get in your way a lot.


8) You eat almost anything I give you, except for green veggies. You still have a distaste for them, but you still eat them, although slowly. Your favourite foods are anything with chicken and shepherd’s pie, along with mashed potatoes and lots of gravy.


9) You love wearing dresses and skirts anytime of the year, complete with tights underneath. And you always twirl around, asking if you’re pretty. And my answer is always a resounding yes.IMG_4277

10) You love animals of all shapes and sizes, your favourites being cats, dogs and horses, along with your pet Guinea Pig Pascal. You’re very gentle around any animals and respect their space.

Love you to the Moon and back, big girl.
Love, Mommy


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