Adventures in Double-Sided Knitting

Since this past August, I’ve taken up double-sided knitting as my past-time/hobby. I’ve been knitting casually for years, but this is the first time that I’ve tried something new, other than blankets.

I came upon Lattes & Llamas sometime last year and loved the 2014 Geek-Along Blanket that they were making for a Children’s Charity. It looked simple enough, but something new to challenge me. And, all the individual squares were fandoms, something I could totally get behind!

I started off with the simple Mario Mushroom and quickly realized that I needed YouTube to help me get through some spots, namely with the alternating stitches. Luckily I found a video that helped a lot and got me going. I figured out the patterns pretty quickly, but as I was progressing on the Mario Mushroom, I made quite a few big mistakes and screwed up royally.

So I had to re-do the entire thing, but I did refine the technique a bit more and learn to read the patterns better.

After I completed the Mario Mushroom……

IMG_4157I followed it up with  the Caffeine Molecule…..




Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Lord of the Rings


Harry Potter-Gryffindor


Harry Potter – Hufflepuff


All in all, I’ve really liked doing all this knitting. It gives me something to do, other than play on my phone or just mindlessly watch a movie while the girls sleep during nap time or in the evening. And in the end, I’ll have this awesome blanket. Woot!


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